Hendy Setiono Founder & CEO Baba Rafi Enterprise

With my passion for entrepreneurship, I direct Baba Rafi Enterprise, a holding company consisting of various award-winning local food brands that have grown in both local and global scales. I have owned more than 10 businesses in various sectors, including, but not limited to, culinary, beauty, investment, and lifestyle. I have won various awards in entrepreneurship, such as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Winner of Asia’s Top 10 Young Entrepreneur Award and many more. Aside of my businesses, I also take the welfare of the people around me into my focus. This motivates me to build the Hendy Setiono Foundation as a medium for sharing with others. I also frequently speak at seminars and forums, both national and international. In those sessions, I share the story of how I achieve my success to motivate young entrepreneurs. I also become their mentor in starting and developing their businesses to become as successful as mine, or even bigger.